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VEDA Airbrush Cleaning Needle

Use this item to remove paint from airbrush nozzle and nozzle cap to prevent blockages and “spitting” of paint during work.

(Please note: only 1 item per purchase. Image for illustration only)


Airbrush Cleaning Needle

Are you struggling with poor to no paint flow, paint splatter or uneven spray pattern from your airbrush nozzle?

It’s most likely that you have a build up of dried on medium on the inside of your nozzle. This issue will get progressively worse unless you are able to safely and accurately remove the dried on residue.

If you use acrylic paints you know that these dry rock hard and are almost impossible to remove with airbrush cleaning needle set or cleaning brushes sets. The airbrush wash needle is the safest and quickest way to remove stubborn paint residue from inside your nozzle.


The airbrush wash needle, also known as a nozzle reamer, safely and accurately removes dried on paint from the inside of your airbrush nozzle.

This tool has a long sharp needle with a flattened side. The edges of this flattened area are sharp and provide the perfect cutting edge to shave off dried on paint within your nozzle’s needle channel.


Simply insert the wash needle into your nozzle (from the screw end) and then gently turn the wash needle whilst applying a gentle amount of pressure.

The wash needle can also be used to clean out the aperture in your airbrush nozzle cap which can become blocked during use.


The airbrush wash needle is contained within a protective outer case; simply unscrew to reveal the wash needle.

(Only one wash needle per purchase – images for illustration only).


Our latest design of was needle is larger and easy to handle than our previous model (silver –images, again, are for illustration and not included in this offer).

The old style (silver) is 65mm long and 7mm in diameter.

The new style (gold) is 80mm long and 10mm in diameter.

This newer, larger sizes makes using and handling the wash needle easier and more accurate.



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