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  •     Holds Up To 8 Airbrushes

  •     7 Air Fittings (1/8BSP Male)

  •     Up To 6 Airbrushes Can Be Run At The Same Time

  •     Each Air Outlet Has Air Control Valve

  •     Pressure Gauge Rotates 360 Degrees

  •     Pressure Gauge Shows PSI and MPa

  •     Height (to tip of top holder) - 210mm approx

  •    Diameter (base) 130mm approx

  •     4 Soft Rubber Feet

  •     Free Uk Postage




Airbrush Stand For 8 Airbrushes The stand is 210mm tall (to the tip of the red airbrush hangers) whilst the base has a diameter of 210mm.

The base unit is made of metal making it is very robust and stable; it will not tip over during normal use.

There are 7 air fittings - each has an air adjust dial so that individual pressures can be set for each airbrush.

The air fittings are 1/8BSP male - this is the most common size used for airbrushes and air hoses - 1/8BSP is approximately 9.35mm.

One of these air fittings is used for the air supply. Up to 6 airbrushes can be used at any one time as any unused air outlets can be isolated by closing the air adjust dial.

The airbrush stand has a pressure gauge which shows the incoming air pressure in both PSI and MPa. This dial rotates freely around the centre stand and can be set in any desired position.

6 Airbrushes can be held within the individual black airbrush holders, whilst a further 2 can be held on the red airbrush hangers at the top of the stand.


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