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VEDA WD-134E Airbrush

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VEDA WD-134E Airbrush

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VEDA WD-134E Airbrush

Renowned VEDA brand airbrush.

WD-134E dual action airbrush fitted with a 0.3mm needle and nozzle.
This airbrush can also be fitted with a 0.2mm or 0.5mm needle and nozzle.
The WD-134E is a side feed gravity airbrush when used with the supplied 7cc paint cup.
It becomes a siphon feed airbrush when used in conjunction with the supplied 22cc paint jar.


Further side feed glass paint jars (22cc) and glass paint storage jars (22cc) are available from BARTSHARP. BARTSHARP also stock spares for the VEDA airbrush range including needles, nozzles etc and replacement o-ring sets. Airbrush Technique Magazine and famous airbrush artist Chuck Bauman reviewed the VEDA airbrush range: “High Quality and Extremely Low Priced“ “I recommend the Veda Model 130A and Model 180 Airbrushes. They are easily as good as the famous expensive airbrushes but these are a tenth the cost! of the identical name-brand airbrushes that come out of the exact same factory! “ This superb airbrush is suitable for: Illustration Fine/commercial art Photo retouching Custom automotive Motorcycle graphics Motorcycle helmet artwork T-Shirts/textiles Nails & cosmetics Miniatures Taxidermy/lures Models, RC planes/cars/helicopters etc Hobbies and Crafts Students to professional Cake decoration Using: Watercolours Acrylics Inks and Dyes Automotive Urethanes Lacquers Enamels Edible food dyes

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