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  • TC90T Airbrush Compressor

  • Massive 1/3 Horse Power Motor

  • Twin Oil Free Pistons

  • Huge 30-35 Litres of Air Per Minute

  • 2 Switch Positions: 1 - Auto Stop/Start - 2 - Continuous Pumping At Increased Air Pressure

  • Air Pressure Regulator / Water Trap

  • Air Hose (1/8BSP-1/8BSP 1.8m)

  • BARTSHARP Airbrush 130

  • FREE UK Shipping

  • One Year Warranty



TC90T Compressor With BARTSHARP 130 Airbrush and 3 Litre Tank

Powerful 1/3 horsepower OIL-LESS twin piston air compressor with BARTSHARP 130 Airbrush, 3.5L tank,
1.8m air hose (G1/8 to G1/8), air pressure and filter regulator,
air pressure / filter regulator and UK plug producing some 30 – 35 litres of air per minute

(Single piston compressor produce 23 – 25 litres per minute)

This unit is thermally protected, operates under 50db, is pressure adjustable and is auto stop start.

The TC90T also has two switches which enable the user to operate the compressor at a higher pressure setting.

Switch 1: Auto start at 3 bar and auto stop at 4 bar

Switch 2: Increase the maximum operating pressure to 6.5 bar

Auto on and off provides pulse free airbrushing

Ideal for those needing a higher air pressure (T-Shirt painting, ceramics and the spraying of automotive paints such as candies)

The TC90T is suitable for use with all types of airbrush and HVLP spray guns such as H2000G.

The TC90T can also be used with air tools, such as nailers, requiring a pressure of less than 6.5bar

BARTSHARP Airbrush's manufacturer is highly endorsed by Chuck Bauman (Airbrush Techniques Magazine) for high quality and value for money
BARTSHARP Airbrush 130 – Dual Action, gravity feed, 7cc paint cup, 0.3mm needle and nozzle.

The BARTSHARP 130 AIrbrush can also be fitted with a 0.2mm and 0.5mm needle and nozzle set for finer or wider spraying - we always have spares in stock!

This airbrush
Box includes: 130 Airbrush, adjusting spanner and male fitting for quick release coupler
(quick release coupler - sold separately)

Description :

Type: 2 x Single cylinder piston compressor
Power: 1/3HP

3.5 Litre Air Tank

Voltage: 220-240V / 50Hz
Air output per min.: 30 – 35l/min.

Fitting: manometer; pressure regulator; air filter
Connections: 1/8’’ BSP
Electric Cable: 1.8mThis compressor is powered by 2 x oil free pistons which ensures your air supply is not contaminated. Essential for paints and the spraying of edible food dyes.

The air filter / pressure valve is fully adjustable and comes with a dial giving an accurate display of the delivered air pressure
The unit is also thermally protected and will turn off to prevent over heating
Low noise, 47db.

GS,CE, ETL, ROHS Approved.

This superb kit is suitable for:
Fine/commercial art
Photo retouching
Custom automotive
Motorcycle graphics

Motorcycle helmet artwork
Nails & cosmetics
Models, RC planes/cars/helicopters etc
Hobbies and Crafts
Students to professional

Cake decoration

Inks and Dyes

Automotive Urethanes

Edible food dyes


Customer Reviews 1 item(s)

In short this is a great little compressor. So far I’m really pleased with this little tool – and really impressed with Bartshap’s service and help. What more can you ask".
"As a retired engineer I do not use an airbrush for
high precision work but for the restoration of
musical instruments, and occasionally painting
and lacquering small mechanical components.

Whilst I have other far larger, and much noisier, compressors
I needed one that could be used in a studio at home
without disturbing my neighbours, or indeed myself.

The TC90 seemed to fit the bill - and at a fraction of the cost
of a rotary dental style or “professional” airbrush compressor.

The twin pistons give more than sufficient output
to keep a .5mm airbrush running at full pressure almost
indefinitely and when used in short bursts the compressor
simply turns off and retains pressure silently – a great bonus!

In short this is a great little compressor.

So far I’m really pleased with this little tool – and really impressed with Bartshap’s service and help.
What more can you ask". Review by Stewart  Harbord- Suffield / (Posted on 02/03/2017)

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