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  • Powerful 1/5th Horse Power Motor NOT The Less Powerful 1/6th Horse Power As Offered By AS18 Airbrush Compressor

  • Oil Free Piston System

  • 23-25 Litres Of Air Per Minute

  • Operates At Under 50db | On Demand Auto On / Off | Auto Thermal Safety Cut Off

  • Includes Air Pressure Regulator Water Trap


  • FREE UK Delivery



Airbrush Compressor

Powerful 1/5th horse power airbrush compressor providing 23-25 litres of air p/m operating at under 50db.

The commonly available AS186 airbrush compressor has a smaller and less powerful 1/6th horse power motors producing a lower output of air.

On Demand Airbrush Compressor - Will Auto start / auto stop when airbrush trigger is pressed or released.

Auto thermal safety cut off.

Oil-less piston ensures that the paint supply is not contaminated.

The air filter/pressure valve is fully adjustable so you can accurately set your required air pressure.

Suitable for use with all types of airbrush: dual action airbrush, single action airbrush, gravity feed airbrush and siphon feed airbrush.

The TC802 airbrush comppressor is also available with a compressor tank. Please view the TC80T airbrush tank compressor.

We also offer many other various models of airbrush compressors as a stand alsone unit or as a complete airbrush compressor kit


AS18 Airbrush Compressor And AS186 Airbrush Compressor


We have previously stocked both the AS18 Airbrush Compressor and AS186 Airbrush Compressor.

As with all of our products, we individually checked every airbrush compressor before dispatch to our customer.

We found that we ended up with many faulty AS18 Airbrush Compressors and AS186 Airbrush Compressors as they were noisy and unreliable.

They took a long time to reach initial priming, of the tank pressure, and were also very jumpy in respect of the auto stop auto start feature.

The 1/6th horse power electric motor also became overworked quite quickly causing the thermal auto safety switch to cut in

We decided to break away from the crowd and spent a great deal of time sourcing a new manufacturer and testing different airbrush compressors.

We now stock the TC range of airbrush compressor.

Quite simply, these compressors are made from higher quality material and to a higher specification than the AS18 and AS186 Airbrush Compressor. This is best demonstrated by the fact that they have a larger 1/5th horse power motor compared to the AS186 1/6th horse power motor.

We believe that the TC range of airbrush compressors offer great value because they are made of higher quality material and have a more powerful motor. They may cost fractionally more than the AS range but quality always does!

All products have 1 Year Warranty.

BARTSHARP Airbrush has a huge stock of replacement parts including needles, nozzles, nozzle caps, replacement o-rings etc.

Beware of buying from a supplier who offers no spares as your airbrush will become a throw away item once a part wears out.

Why risk a lower quality airbrush for just a few pounds?

BARTSHARP Airbrush only sells airbrush products - please contact us if you require any advice to start airbrushing.


Suitable for: Illustration, Fine / Commercial Art, Photo Retouching, Custom Automotive / Motorcycle Graphics, Motorcycle Helmet Artwork, T-Shirts/Textiles, Nails & Cosmetics, Miniatures, Taxidermy, Fishing Lures, Models, RC Planes / Cars / Helicopters, Hobbies and Crafts, Cake Decoration. Using: Watercolours, Acrylics, Inks and Dyes, Automotive Urethanes, Lacquers, Enamels and Edible Food Dyes


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