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E420 DCLK Portable Airbrush Model Spray Booth & Extraction Hose & LED Lights

Product Review (submitted on 17 January 2019):
This is the best piece of equipment I have purchased for my airbrush set-up! Without a doubt the most cost-effective product of it's kind on the market - it has completely enhanced my modelling and airbrush capabilities.

The extractor fan and filter system is fabulous and ensures there is no paint smell or fumes left in the room (which is essential as my workbench is in an attic) allowing me to model for longer in each session. The Spray booth is easy and quick to assemble whilst also being very sturdy and robust, it is easy to use, extremely efficient and the LED lights offer me a whole new perspective whilst i am modelling without blaring project lamps or dull room lights. These provide the perfect environment in which to airbrush and model. The turntable also makes it extremely easy to maneuver your project during painting without ruining the paint job - as a bonus it also makes an awesome way of photographing your projects!!

I cannot recommend this product or this company enough - it is a breath of fresh air (literally) to communicate with such a knowledgeable company whose understanding of airbrushing and the individuals airbrushing needs are second to none. I will definitely continue to use bartsharp airbrush for all of my modelling needs!