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BARTSHARP Airbrush - Compressor Kit & Airbrush For Cakes

BARTSHARP Airbrush - Compressor Kit & Airbrush For Cakes

We have worked with a top manufacturer to develop our own BARTSHARP Airbrush range.

Our manufacturer is endorsed by world famous Airbrush Artist, Chuck Bauman (Airbrush Techniques Magazine)

All of the BARTSHARP Airbrushes, within this section, can be fitted with 0.3mm, 0.5mm or 0.8mm needles and nozzles.

The needles, nozzles and nozzle caps, for these airbrushes, are of a new larger design and are particularly suited for use with cake decoration or where other slightly thicker mediums are used.

Airbrush Nozzle and Nozzle Cap Larger Design

  They will help to greatly reduce clogging associated with the smaller traditonal style/sized nozzles and nozzle caps. (Mediums may still have to be reduced to optimise flow).

The new nozzle design is pysically larger than the standard design whilst still retaining the same inner dimensions to provide accurate and detail artwork. This makes them much easier to handle, clean and swap out for a different size. The new design nozzle simply push fits into the nozzle cap which which means that you no longer have to struggle to screw in a really small and sometimes fiddly nozzle or use a nozzle spanner.

The new nozzle design means that it is held firmly in place by the nozzle cap which, in turn, is screwed on to the airbrush body. A tight seal is provided by a small teflon o ring which sits at the back of the nozzle preventing paint / medium from travelling back in to the paint cup.

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