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BARTSHARP Airbrush 186 Dual Action Gravity Feed Airbrush

BARTSHARP Airbrush 186 Dual Action Gravity Feed Airbrush

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  • Dual Action Gravity Feed Airbrush

  • Micro Air Control Valve

  • Fitted With 0.3mm Needle / Nozzle

  • Can Also Be Fitted With 0.2mm, 0.5mm or 0.8mm Needle / Nozzle

  • Three Interchangeable Top Feed Paint Cups - 2cc, 5cc & 13cc

  • Full Range Of Spare In Stock

  • One Year Warranty



BARTSHARP 186 Dual Action Gravity Feed Airbrush


We have taken all that we have learned from recent years and teamed up with a top manufacturer, highly endorsed by international airbrush artist Chuck Bauman, to create our own brand and extensive range of airbrushes.

We have insisted on higher tolerances and are proud to say that our range of BARTSHARP Airbrushes are of a higher quality and provide better performance tha the VEDA airbrush range.


The BARTSHARP 186 Airbrush is a traditonal pen style with dual action and gravity feed . 

Dual action: push down on the trigger for air and pull back, on the trigger, to release paint.

The 186 airbrush incorporates the latest design in nozzle and nozzle cap which, whilst still retaining the small inner dimensions (0.2mm, 0.3mm, 0.5mm & 0.8mm), are of a larger physical size making handling, cleaning and change over much easier. The nozzle simply fits on to the needle and is held in place by the nozzle cap.

The below image shows the new design nozzle (left upper) compared to the standard design nozzle (left lower) & the new design nozzle cap (far right) compared to the standard design nozzle cap (middle).

 186 Airbrush

It comes fitted with a quality 0.3mm needle, nozzle and nozzle cap. This set up is for medium detail spraying and will allow you to create a hair line spray width up to approximately 28mm. A 0.2mm needle / nozzle / nozzle cap set is also availble for the achieving fine grain detail (please see the airbrush spares section).

It can also be fitted with a 0.5mm needle/nozzle set for creation of wider lines or for slightly less detailed work.

Alternatively it can also be fitted with a 0.8mm neelde/nozzle set which is ideally suited to those wishing to spray slightly thicker mediums or wishing to lay down base coats, top coats or washes. This larger size set up optimises a smoother paint flow and will help to prevent clogging and splatter associated with the use of smaller needle and nozzle.

The BARTSHARP Airbrush 186 incorporates a needle adjust screw on the rear handle which allows you to set the distance which the needle can travel back. This allows you to repeatedly create lines of the same thickness.

A Micro Air Control Valve is situated just under the front of the airbrush which gives you fingertip tip control over the volume of air passing over the needle and nozzle. This feature is particularly useful for creating paint effects, such as weathering, or simply for controlling your airbrush whilst creating fine grain detail.



The BARTSHARP Airbrush 186 comes with three fully interchangeable cups:


2cc, 5cc (with push fit lid) & 13cc (with push fit lid)



The air inlet is 1/8BSP which is the most regularly used size for airbrushes and air hoses alike. (BSP means British Standard Pipe and describes the thread pitch whilst 1/8 is equal to 9.35mm (approx)


As you would expect we have all of the spare that you will need including:

0.3mm needles, nozzles & nozzle caps

0.5mm needles, nozzles & nozzle caps

0.8mm needles, nozzles & nozzle caps

Replacement o ring sets


We have a limited number of these particular airbrushes.

We also offer this airbrush as a complete airbrush kit: BARTSHARP Airbrush 186 (fitted with 0.3mm set up), 1.8m air hose, quick disconnect coupler, mini in line air filter, 1 x 0.5mm needle / nozzle / nozzle cap set and 1 x 0.8mm needle / nozzle / nozzle cap set.



Customer Reviews 5 item(s)

Love using the 186
Cheers mate your persistent pushing made me take the plunge and now I'm loving it.
Love using this 186. Love teaching with it too.
The last 3 guys I've had in have been lucky enough to drive this awesome airbrush. We love it.

Mark Andrews: SESKU & HEMSWORTH Scale Model Club.
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLiG9pWJ2p6FDv7NziOdEpA Review by Mark Andrews / (Posted on 20/01/2019)
It was an absolute pleasure to use
Well after a very long break - I’m back at it Review by tef_patisserie / (Posted on 20/01/2019)
I'm very impressed and would gladly recommend them to anyone getting into airbrushing - REVIEW BY JOHN SILVER FOX HAYES - UK AIRBRUSH FORUM (ADMIN)
Just before Christmas I got hold of a Bartsharp 186 airbrush to try out. Reason being we get asked a lot about a decent budget range entry level airbrush on the forum. In the past I've always recommended Veda airbrushes but they became hard to find and I discovered the company had been taken over and manufacturing quality had dropped a lot. The new Bartsharp airbrush range has been designed by Bartsharp and Chuck Bauman, it features drop in style nozzles and 3 interchangeable paint cups - 2cc, 5cc & 13cc a lot like H&S airbrushes. They can also be fitted with 0.2mm, 0.3mm, 0.5mm or 0.8mm Needle / Nozzle set up's.
Only adjustments I made was to put grip tape on the body and foam pad on the trigger which I do to all my airbrushes. I did a bit of spray out comparison and this side of a Zippo lighter with it which is a big ask of many airbrushes. For £37 I'm very impressed and would gladly recommend them to anyone getting into airbrushing and don't want to spend a fortune on getting started. Very good spares and support service too. Definitely worth checking them out. Review by John Silver Fox Hayes - UK Airbrush Forum (Admin) / (Posted on 28/12/2018)
Quality Airbrush Quality Price
Having recently purchased a spraybooth through Bartsharp thought it was about time to upgrade my airbrush of 30yrs (Snap-On suction Feed) Read with interest about the Bartsharp airbrushes & looking at the price thought I would purchase the 186 I also purchased a 0.8 needle as it would suit my type of spraying. I did have an initial problem when I changed the needle over & as I'm used to the adjusting screw pushing the needle in place from the spray guns I normally use I did have problems of paint running through the cap because I had not pushed the needle in place properly. My fault not Bartsharp! Once up & running the airbrush was a joy to use nicely weighted & sprays well. Ideal all-round airbrush great value feels expensive especially when 30yrs ago my Snap-On airbrush cost me £120! Review by Jon.A / (Posted on 08/08/2018)
Excellent highly recommend
Really nice quality feel to the airbrush . All the components feel of really good quality too . Smooth operation and the micro air adjust is brilliant . If I hadn't purchased this myself I would not believe it wasn't 10 times the amount Review by Woodspiritman03 / (Posted on 17/05/2018)

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