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BARTSHARP Airbrush 116A Gravity Feed Airbrush

BARTSHARP Airbrush 116A Gravity Feed Airbrush

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  • Specifically Developed For Cake Decoration

  • Pistol Grip - Easy To Handle & Use

  • Top Feed Gravity Airbrush

  • Fitted With 0.3mm Needle / Nozzle

  • Can Also Be Fitted With 0.2mm or 0.5mm Needle / Nozzle

  • Three Interchangeable Paint Cups - 2cc, 5cc & 13cc

  • Full Range Of Spare In Stock

  • One Year Warranty



BARTSHARP 116A Airbrush


We have taken all that we have learnt from recent years and teamed up with a top manufacturer, highly endorsed by international airbrush artist Chuck Bauman, to create our own brand and extensive range of airbrushes.


The BARTSHARP Pistol Grip 116A Airbrush is top gravity feed with a single variable action. 

It comes fitted with a quality 0.3mm needle, nozzle and nozzle cap. This set up is for general purpose spraying and will allow you to create a hair line spray width up to approximately 28mm. However it can also be fitted with a 0.2mm needle/nozzle set for creation of finer lines or detail. Alternatively it can also be fitted with a 0.5mm neelde/nozzle set fow wider lines and increased spraying area. This larger size set up optimises a smoother paint flow and will help to prevent clogging and splatter associated with the use of smaller needle and nozzle.


The pistol grip creates a very natural holding position and reduces hand fatigue which is sometimes associated with pen style airbrushes. This makes it a fantastic airbrush for those new to the hobby as it is so easy to handle and operate. 

Simply pull back on the trigger to release air and pull further back to release paint. 

Variable action means that the further the trigger is pulled back the more paint is released.


As you would expect we have all of the spare that you will need icluding:

0.2mm needles, nozzles & nozzle caps

0.3mm needles, nozzles & nozzle caps

0.5mm needles, nozzles & nozzle caps


The BARTSHARP Airbrush 116A comes with three fully interchangeable cups:

2cc, 5cc (with push fit lid) and 13cc (with push fit lid)

The air inlet is 1/8BSP which is the most regularly used size for airbrushes and air hoses alike. (BSP means British Standard Pipe and describes the thread pitch whilst 1/8 is equal to 9.35mm (approx))


We have a limited number of these particular airbrushes.



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