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Are You Choking On A Smog Of Paint?

Is Your Airbrush Overspray Going Everywhere And Damaging Other Items In Your Room?


BARTSHARP Airbrush Spray Booths help to create the perfect working environment.

Air, contaminated with airborne particles, is drawn away from your working spray area through a filter and expelled

out of the back of the unit by a small but powerful fan.

The unit will draw 4m3 of air per minute and operates at less than 48db.

Filter material, at the back of the spray area, has an optimised density for air flow and the highly effective capture of paint overspray.

The "scrubbed" air is then expelled out of the rear of the spray booth unit.

BARTSHARP Airbrush Spray BoothBARTSHARP Airbrush Spray Booth













Set up takes a matter of seconds and simply involves opening the unit, extending the sides and canopy and then clipping them into position.

The spray booths measure 41.5cm wide x 14.5cm deep x 19.5cm tall when folded away (not including air hose extraction kit).

Extended the spray booth working spray area measures 42cm wide x 33.5cm deep x 33cm tall (max at front of canopy).

These measurements are in addition to the base extraction unit.

BARTSHARP Airbrush Spray Booths are ideal for use with:

scale model painting, custom artwork, cake decoration and many more applications.


Are you looking for a larger spray area?

Two airbrush spray booths can be quickly and easily fitted together giving you a huge spray area for those larger projects.

BARTSHARP Airbrush Spray Booth

 BARTSHARP Airbrush Spray Booth





All airbrush spray booths have a UK 3 pin transformer plug which, when not in use, stores away in a separate compartment.









   BARTSHARP Airbrush Air Extraction Hose KitBARTSHARP Airbrush Air Extraction Hose Kit












The DCK and DCLK models come with an extendable air extraction hose which allows you to completey

remove the contaminated air from your room.

The air extraction hose is of a simle push fit concertina design which allows you to set

the required length up to a maximum of 5 feet.

The hose is also highly flexible and will remain in shape once set

     BARTSHARP Airbrush Air Extraction Hose Kit




The final air outlet fitting is of a specific long slim design

so that it can be placed out of a narrow window opening.


BARTSHARP Airbrush Spray Booth







All of our airbrush spray booths come with a 19cm diameter

fully rotating turn table.






BARTSHARP Airbrush Spray Booth Filter






We hold a huge stock of replacement filters which are made of two layers.

The filters can be rinsed to remove water soluable medium which increases their life.




BARTSHARP Airbrush: Right Products, First Time.


Most recent Customer Reviews (from our BARTSHARP Airbrush Facebook Page):


 Craig Denholm: 

"If anyone's wondering if these are any good I can give them my seal of approval.
My hobby room used to get covered in grey dust from Airbrush use but since I picked up a booth from BARTSMART (BARTSHARP) I've no longer got that problem. 

The unit is easily put together and folds away in seconds.
Not to mention breathing in all those particles of acrylic paint, just because it's non toxic doesn't mean you want to be breathing in that shi...stuff!

One of my best buys of 2017."

Ricc de Felice:
"Got mine for Christmas. I’d recommend the version with the LED’s which includes the extraction hoses".

  Jérôme Roberty: "The mini spray booth is a fantastic piece of kit".

  Maria White: "I have this from you and its excellent. Thank you".

 Simon Hill: "I have two of the ones with the lights joined together highly recommend them".