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New Larger Design Nozzles and Nozzle Caps

Many of the airbrushes in the BARTSHARP Airbrush range are fitted with nozzles and nozzle caps of a new larger design.

These include the below airbrushes:

BARTSHARP Airbrush 116 Gravity Side Feed Pistol Grip Airbrush

BARTSHARP Airbrush 116B Gravity Top Feed Pistol Grip Airbrush

BARTSHARP Airbrush 183 Gravity Feed Airbrush

BARTSHARP Airbrush 186 Gravity Feed Airbrush

BARTSHARP Airbrush 183K Complete Airbrush Kit

BARTSHARP Airbrush 186K Complete Airbrush Kit

The images below show a side by side comparison of the new larger design nozzle and nozzle cap next to the standard design.

BARTSHARP airbrush New Design Nozzle And Nozzle Cap

The new design nozzle is much larger than the standard size and does not need to be screwed into the body of the airbrush - it is held firmly in place by the nozzle cap when it is screwed onto the airbrush.

This makes handling, changing and cleaning of the nozzle much easire than before.

The new design nozzles and nozzle caps are available in 0.3mm, 0.5mm and 0.8mm - we will soon stock them in 0.2mm!

These nozzles and nozzle caps will not fit an airbrush with a standard design nozzle and nozzle cap.

All of our needles (0.2, 0.3, 0.5 & 0.8mm) will fit both the standard side nozzles / nozzle caps and the new design nozzle /nozzle caps in their corresponding size.