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BARSHARP Airbrush Needle, Nozzle, Nozzle Cap Sets

BARTSHARP Airbrush® previously stocked airbrushes and airbrush spares manufactured by VEDA.

Unfortunately the VEDA trademark was not registered allowing a "business man" from Hong Kong to register the brand name despite never having been involved with VEDA.

The original manufacturer, quite rightly, decided to lower the quality of all VEDA product or to stock production altogether.

BARTSHARP Airbrush® have now teamed up with another manufacturer which has consistently received higher reviews than VEDA from the likes of Chuck Bauman (Airbrush Techniques Magazine).

You can be assured that BARTSHARP Airbrush® replacement needle, nozzle & nozzle cap sets are of a high quality and will give you the results you need.

The airbrush needle, nozzle & nozzle cap sets will fit all of the following BARTSHARP Airbrush® models:

      • 116 Airbrush
      • 116B Airbrush (New Larger Design)*
      • 118 Airbrush
      • 130 Airbrush
      • 131 Airbrush
      • 133 Airbrush
      • 135 Airbrush
      • 139 Airbrush
      • 180 Airbrush **
      • 183 Airbrush (New Larger Design)*
      • 186 Airbrush (New Larger Design)*
      • 187 Airbrush
      • 201 Airbrush

* The New Larger Design Nozzle & Nozzle Cap will only fit this airbrush.

Please use this link to view the New larger Design Nozzle & Nozzle Caps.

** The 180 airbrush model has it's own design nozzle caps.

Please use this link to view the 180 Nozzle & Nozzle Caps.

Our BARTSHARP Airbrush® needle, nozzle & nozzle cap sets are suitable for use in all airbrushes, by other manufacturers, with the above model number.